The Full 'Monty' on Handshakes

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The Full 'Monty' on Handshakes

 Written By: Sandi MacCalla ~ 9/5/2022

The evolution of handshakes is long, strategic and fraught with meaning. They have saved lives, closed deals and revealed secrets of their purveyors.

BLOGPOST_HandshakeFullMonty09052022A.jpgYou may have heard the theories of how handshakes began and the trust it has offered between men. The earliest evidence is from this 9th century BC relief of the Assyrian King Shalmaneser III. It has always conveyed a truce and connection.

The medical world has now researched and determined the strength of your grasp is a more reliable indicator of heart health than blood pressure. Can Your Handshake Provide Clues to Your Heart Health? ( So shaking out weapons isn’t the only lifesaver of the everyday handshake. Adding today’s waves of viral concerns does challenge this staple of business relationships. Should we reconsider gloves again?

BLOGPOST_HandshakeFullMonty09052022B.jpgSince you can’t self-check your handshake, consider that we are all judged by our handshake – male or female. The “rules” are not simple. Here’s the unspoken perception of these brief, significant acts:

  • Men – a firm handshake (no bone-crushing)
    • More adventurous
    • Healthy confidence
    • Less introverted
    • Friendly sincerity
  • Women – a firm handshake (no hugging/air-kisses)
    • Intelligent confidence
    • Positive demeanor
    • Adventurous
    • Respectfully friendly

This is a more successful method of self-promotion than other assertions for women. Tip – “convey a truce and connection.”

Handshake Tips:

  • General:
    • Follow the other person’s lead on a handshake, especially the pressure.
    • Offer all other types of handshakes (fist/elbow/foot bump) with a smile and a questioning look, if appropriate.
    • Among family and friends, try some of these fun ways to greet each other.
  • At events:
    • Hold beverages in your left hand. Your right hand remains dry and available for handshakes.
    • Keep your right hand free and all else in your left hand.
  • At meetings:
    • Let a higher-ranking person extend their hand first. If they don’t do so timely, extend yours. Do not ignore a handshake.
  • Going Global (at home or abroad):

Handshakes and Hugs will always trump Likes and Shares.” — C.C. Chapman

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