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Mastering the Game of Life

About LifeSkills Academy

LifeSkills Academy was “born” out of the reality that our youth are missing out on skills training for that big step in life when they are officially considered an Adult.  In the U.S., that occurs at the age of 18.

Many Adults today came into this life-stage unprepared, which has been affectionately termed “learning from the School of Hard Knocks.” Certainly, that has shaped many quickly into Adulthood.  The question, however, is how many also gave up on their giftedness to avoid learning things the hard way and making costly, unwanted mistakes.  We venture a guess many are in that arena whether they know it or not.

What defines an Adult is the ability to legally work, to make mature decisions, responsibly participate in civic matters, have self-control, to make legal commitments in contracts, to legally vote/marry/give sexual consent/enlist in the military.  And on the practical side, there are a myriad of activities and decisions daily that, when applied with wisdom, set the foundation for success and ease in everyday circumstances.  From that foundation, dreams/passions/life callings are well supported into life journeys built on confidence and strength.

Life skills taught are Financial Literacy, Personal Organization, Journaling & Goal Setting, Social Intelligence/Etiquette, Public Speaking, Values Testing, Career Development.  Classes meet weekly for 1 – 4 hours and may require reading and homework.  Classes are age-appropriate, limited in size for optimum results and provide sound techniques for success.  Parents can breathe easy that their child is equipped for the journey ahead.

Classes are taught by professionals who are proficient in their practice and bring proven methodologies to assure good choices, good decisions and success in everyday life skills.

LifeSkills Academy DBA of Encompass Enterprises is a Washington State Sub Chapter S Corporation.

Classes and workshops are held online.  See class schedule when you select the "Register Now" button for details.