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Carol Stanley

Carol Stanley transforms speakers and singers into brilliant presenters. She is a lifelong performer and lover of the stage and screen. In addition to movies, TV, radio, recording, directing, keynoting and more, she has also played lead roles in Broadway musicals. Carol is featured in Stanford and Continental Who’s Who, Women of Distinction and Entrepreneur Magazines. She is a published author, her latest book: Born to Be Awesome, A Guide to Presenting with Brilliance Through the Power of God in you.

Carol is a certified, licensed trainer in BANKCODE® methodology, a personality profiling system scientifically proven to predict buying behavior and increase revenue. She helps Entrepreneurs and leaders in Faith and Business connect powerfully with clients for more effective communication. Her mission is to help others communicate brilliantly, stand in their power, and be the voice of their passions.






"Born to Be Awesome" - book
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"Born to Be Awesome" - video

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