Chip Rudolph

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Chip Rudolph -

Chip Rudolph

Since 1987 Problemsolvers has been serving California businesses in the areas of Advertising, Bookkeeping and Business Management, Small Claims Law and Community Outreach. Industries served have included Advertising Agencies, Food Service, Printing, Department Stores, Auto Rental Agencies, CPA Firms, Medicine and Legal Firms to name a few.

After decades in business and serving community youth, Chip’s hope is to assist students in learning the skills to become successful entrepreneurs. In addition, her intention is to help unleash the unknown power that lies within each of them. Learning the administrative and organizational aspects of owning and managing a business will help to insure that goal is reached.

Throughout her years of service, Chip has served community outreach projects frequently. Some were with the community-at-large for adults and many were for young people from pre school and beyond high school. These included Head Start, continuation schools, probation camps for teen boys, and Amer-I-can.


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