Make a Remarkable a good way - Part 3 of 3

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Make a Remarkable a good way - Part 3 of 3
Written By: Sandi MacCalla ~ 8/30/2021

Thank-You Notes have been overlooked and under-valued. I have walked into business offices, spotted a Thank-You note decoratively placed within view and asked about them. Invariably, they are not recently received, and they contain a reminder to the recipient that someone caught them doing something noteworthy. I myself still display a Thank-You Card that is over 20 years old. If that isn’t an example of a lasting impression, then I don’t know what is.

BLOGPOST_MemorableImpressions08292021.JPGHere are keys to making your “Thank-You Card” a keeper:

1. Handwritten

a. Even if your handwriting is not elegant script, take the time to legibly write your “thank-you” card. That is one of the key points of this – you took the time to handwrite and express your gratitude to someone else. That alone is noteworthy and valued.

b. But, what about email Thank-You’s? Certainly a “Thank-You” is high value; however, attractive Thank-You Cards are still King. It is unlikely an email will become part of office décor even if it makes it off the screen.

2. Timely

a. It is normally recommended to send your note within two weeks of the event.

b. I recommend trying to send it within two days of the event. One of the most powerful parts of a “thank-you” card is expressing your personal reaction of gratitude. That fades quickly with time and your note loses its punch.

3. Honesty

a. Sometimes the gift or the act is not noteworthy by our own personal standards. That should not diminish our gratitude that someone expressed care and love towards us.

b. At the same time, honesty and a positive note are needed. Focus your comments on the person’s graciousness, thoughtfulness, caring/loving nature. You can also comment on positive aspects of the gift or act that you found noteworthy: my favorite color/design/purpose, etc.

c. It is not necessary to let them know you’ve returned the gift to the store or re-gifted it. That would unravel their good intentions and most likely any prospect of a friendship. It also makes YOU look bad!

These key actions of Making a Remarkable Impression will keep you in the front row of people’s favorites and will serve you well in your community of friends, relatives, business relations, leaders, and any others you serve. We all quickly identify those who are “on our side” and to whom we can turn to for honesty, encouragement, and inspiration. Those relationships are the building blocks we gather to form alliances, friendships, and those we value as “family.” That is how we forge our connections and take our place in the lives of others to fulfill our value and purpose.

This article provides the most immediate information to make anyone memorable and build personal confidence in social situations. If you would like to deepen your social skills or have specific questions about manners, etiquette, tricky social situations, keep in touch with LifeSkills Academy to participate in upcoming workshops, webinars, or blogs. We would love to meet and hear from you personally. Thank you for your interest and for visiting with us.

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