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Thankful Thursdays

Written By: Chip Rudolph ~ 5/27/2024

Throughout our history, there have been numerous wars for a multitude of reasons. As we recall these pivotal moments, we are reminded of the brave men and women serving our country with unwavering courage and dedication. Here are some highlights:


BLOGPOST_ThankfulThursday05272024B.pngFor those who gave their lives serving our country, we honor their heroism, resilience, and sacrifice in May by:

  • Visiting gravesites
  • Spending time with family members
  • Joining in marches or festivals to honor the fallen
  • Sharing discussions with family & friends to honor those who served
  • Giving today’s military families support
  • Celebrating our freedom and peace that their legacy provided.
  • Encouraging family members to maintain gratitude for preserving our way of life.

We all are responsible for keeping our hopes and dreams alive.
On the fourth Thursday of November, families and friends gather together to give thanks for their blessings. Future blogs regarding THANKFUL THURSDAYS are presented during the year From The Corner Home Office highlighting additional reasons to give thanks.

We welcome your comments, questions, and interest as we all learn through LifeSkills Academy’s mastering The Game Of Life.

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