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Global Life Skills Day
Written By: Sandi MacCalla ~ 10/12/2021

If you (as I do) check out what holidays are being celebrated (just in the U.S.), it’s astounding that nearly every day has some celebration or honor being bestowed by someone. Some are hilarious, others are a YES! on my calendar, but a few are truly remarkable. For instance, recently, 10/2/21 was “Name Your Car Day.” Two celebrated on the same day (10/3/21): “Mean Girls Day” and “National Boyfriends Day;” not sure if there’s a connection here or not. My favorite is “National Chocolate Day” – 10/28/21 – followed by “National Cat Day” – 10/29/21. I’m not telling my cat, however. He definitely considers me “staff” already.

BLOGPOST_LifeSkillsNatDay10122021A.jpgGlobal Life Skills Day is honored on the 3rd Thursday of October annually – 10/21/21. Several items are remarkable about this celebration. First, it is global. So every culture is involved in acknowledging those who are impassioned to teach emerging generations the skills they need to live successfully. I think most people believe this happens at home or school.

Marlaine Cover, the Founder of Parenting 2.0 (an international consciousness movement) began this effort in 2009 and has amassed over 9,000 educators, practitioners, and related professionals in over 100 countries. Second, The Global Presence (The Global Presence - Parenting 2.0 ( is an amazing volunteer network of professionals who work to provide vital training/experience for successful adulthood. BLOGPOST_LifeSkillsNatDay10122021B.jpgMarlaine shares in her book, kissing the mirror, marlaine cover, her personal journey of adulting in her family, and the life lessons she experienced. She transparently walks through life events that were pivotal in understanding, growing, surviving, and succeeding today. Marlaine’s story is one that opened me to a transformational understanding of adulting and purpose.

There are profound points in her book that are indelibly printed on my brain and heart, but I won’t spoil your discovery of them … completely. This is my favorite of them all:

“Free will merely permits you to determine the amount of pain or joy
you and others endure until you learn a better way of doing things.”

That is the heart of what inspired me to start LifeSkills Academy. It speaks to my belief that we can partner, support, and collaborate with each other to learn that ‘better way of doing things.’

While LifeSkills Academy is repositioning from in-school classes to online/virtual learning, we are proud to be an Ambassador of The Global Presence linking us to the hope and work of so many committed professionals. We welcome all inquiries, thoughts, and interests in growing an educational platform to “pay it forward” and to raise empowered generations with effective tools of success. Join us in honoring and celebrating all who are called to this important work.

LifeSkills Academy educators are business professionals, some with academic backgrounds, and all have proven success in the world of commerce.

LifeSkills Academy features online group learning including Etiquette/Social Intelligence, Financial Skills, and Relationships Science. Join our website to receive class details/notices: 

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