A Joy-Filled Holiday Season

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A Joy-Filled Holiday Season
Written By: Sandi MacCalla ~ 10/26/2021

Holidays are on the horizon! You already hear the buzz in the air and the lists start rolling out of your brain on what to get done and what you wish for – make JOY your theme this year....and wrap it around these practical tips for a season where you breathe easy and know it all went satisfyingly well.

  • Get Ready
    • Setting the tone for the holidays will help you and your circle of influence to get into the holiday spirit.
      • Infuse your day with JOY (at home, shopping, at work, socializing, et al)
        • Make eye contact with everyone as you go through your day.
        • Keep a smile ready or give a slight nod of acknowledgement.
        • Share a true, positive compliment to others … anyone you encounter. With practice, these observations become more spontaneous and natural.
        • This can be a sensitive time for others…give them plenty of room (and yourself) to not be perfect, but to be gracious.
        • Be available (versus distracted) - Even with limited time, we can still make others feel special by appreciating the time we do spend together.
        • Share sincere and specific good wishes for the holidays. Be creative and unique in your exchanges. 

      • Practice Deep Breathing (when in long lines, dealing with weather/traffic issues, being held up by delays/complications)
        • Breathe in through the nose - Relax the belly - Breathe out through the mouth – Relax your shoulders - Let it GO!
      • BLOGPOST_JoyFilledHoliday10252021.jpgCreate special time for yourself to savor the holiday by enjoying some of your favorites or create some new traditions:
        • Spa treatment
        • Special dinner out
        • Plan an activity that you enjoy, but don’t take the time to do:
          • Movie
          • Games
          • Special party with close friends only
          • Day in the snow
          • Take the monorail into town to do shopping
          • Hum a favorite holiday tune as you go through your day.
  • After the holidays
    • Consider making some key activities a year-round tradition:
      • Be personable, available, transparent, connect heart-to-heart
      • Make direct eye contact when visiting
      • Share positive observations of others as you go through the day
      • LET GO of expecting perfection of others and yourself for most things. Allow room for laughs, mistakes and growth.
      • People interact best when they are comfortable with you.

Sharing just gets better when it’s based on respect and true friendship … this will put new JOY back into your day with friends, family and colleagues.


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