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Artful Interrupting
Written By: Sandi MacCalla ~ 11/29/2021

BLOGPOST_ArtfulInterrupting11292021A.JPGWe’ve all been told from an early age that interrupting is rude. Then, watch a few programs on television or in movies and it turns out it’s a highly practiced means of communication. So where do we learn to do it with grace and respect?

So, is there ever a time to interrupt? YES! It’s super important that you DO interrupt when it’s appropriate:

  • When you have information that adds value.
  • BLOGPOST_ArtfulInterrupting11292021B.JPGWhen clarification is needed.
  • When you can share an opinion for others to consider.
  • When you have a suggestion/modification that adds improvement.
  • And, especially when danger is imminent.

More forthcoming on how-to-interrupt techniques, listening skills, what are:

  • Womanterruptions/Manterruptions
  • Bropropriating
  • Mansplaining, and more …


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