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`WHY` Life Skills
Written By: Sandi MacCalla ~ 6/30/2021

Why do we need to learn life skills? From the beginning of time, we have learned from others what works and what does not. For instance, today we do not learn about hunting for our dinner; well, except going to the supermarket/restaurant and selecting our dinner. But we do learn about how to be successful at the work that we do to buy the dinner that we eat. Because life is complex, we have a lot to learn to not only be safe and happy but to meet the demands of our culture. Actually, we spend a lot of time and money learning ways to make our day-to-day activities easier, successful, and satisfying. The underlying goal of LifeSkills Academy is to spend the right amount of time and money to thrive with success and satisfaction.

BLOGPOST_Why1_07012021.JPGLooking back, many of us have a trail of mistakes and bad choices because we did not have the best information to make successful choices. Like toddlers, we keep getting up, walking, and falling down. Some of us are sitting on the ground wondering if the floor is our destiny. Others even get used to the floor being their destiny while their dreams hibernate in their hearts.

Looking forward, most of us are living with the scars, the disabilities, the pains of our lessons. Much of what we learned did not accomplish our dreams. Why is that? Think back to those key lessons you learned from others that have carried you to where you are today. Those are the nuggets of wisdom we need to build on. They can be as simple as making your bed in the morning, getting enough sleep, learning the value of discipline and order. These are not complicated flashy skills, but they support each of us in learning sophisticated strategies and systems: public speaking, how money works, entrepreneurship, Emotional Intelligence, and the Platinum Rule…to name a few.

If you have wondered why these skills are not taught as we are growing up, so have I. I look out at all the people, and all the incredible knowledge and skill walking around on this planet. While we have access to a lot of information, we do not integrate and curate that information. In other words, test it out and put it into action. Part of this challenge is knowing which information best accomplishes what we are after. Another part is selecting out a source that has tested it and put it into action with measurable, sustainable results.

BLOGPOST_Why2_07012021.JPGI have concluded that finding proven educators is the shortest distance between my “want” and my “dream.” That strategy is the engine that drives LifeSkills Academy. We engage successful professionals in their area of expertise, who may have an academic foundation and importantly, have pursued expertise on best practices and straight paths.

The pandemic has all of us relooking at our options to streamline how education can support what has been missing. I marvel daily at the technology that is expanding access and an educational platform that covers more than academics. The time has come to collaboratively “raise all the boats in the harbor.” It is time to disrupt the School of Hard Knocks and provide O-J-T (“on-the-job-training”) for our emerging generations of brilliance.

If you agree, we would love to hear your thoughts and dreams of moving this forward!

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