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It`s Not Over Until It`s Over
Written By: Chip Rudolph, Owner - Problemsolvers ~ 3/14/2022

It might seem hopeless to complete a race, a goal or a presentation. Do not give up, quit or give in to those feelings. The satisfaction and confidence from completion is worth the effort.

You’ve seen this happen: Some fans leave a ballgame early to get ahead of traffic or because their team is losing. Later, it is discovered their team had a resounding win in the last seconds of the game.

In 1948, the newspapers proclaimed Governor Thomas Dewey the winner of the Presidential election. However, Harry Truman was the actual winner.


  • Upon reflection, we often discover our lives and experiences are much better than first thought.
  • Appreciate what you have. Do not chase after what you do not have.
  • Value opportunities offered with grace. Do not scorn the meagerness of what is offered.
  • Complete the project. Get to the finish line.
  • It is not over until it is over.

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