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To Turn on Video...or not!
Written By: Sandi MacCalla ~ 3/28/2022

So this question is bouncing around a lot right now. And as with most situations, it depends on your personal intent. Perhaps some framing will help.

  • If you are an active participant in a video meeting, please turn on your video.
    • Especially if you wish to be “seen and heard” for your brilliance.
  • Turning on your video is the same as “being there” face-to-face".
  • As you would in person, there are some things that work well:
    • Dress the same as you would for in-person meetings.
    • Minimize ambient sound/visual distractions.
    • Declutter your background (see photography tips below).

BLOPOST_VideoOn03282022.jpgRemember your early photography lessons? Well, if not, here’s the gist:

  • Our attention is drawn to:
    • Movement
    • Size
    • Brightness
    • Sharpness
    • Color
    • Faces (Learn about micro-expressions)
    • Focusing visuals on a grid of thirds is the most pleasing

So how should you show up?

  • Get dressed, put your social face on, be IN the meeting.
  • Be the “Main Attraction” on your screen.
  • Unfocus” your background.
  • Stay front & center on screen; position whatever you need within reach. If you need something out of reach, turn off your video while you get it. We don’t need to go with you, especially, those of us who are motion sensitive.
  • Turn off your video:
    • Please don’t take us shopping or errand running with you. We like you, but don’t need to know all this.
    • For your safety, we are on the edge of our seat when you are driving.
    • When you multitask and are making optimal use by listening to the meeting … If you need to respond, remember, depressing the space bar turns your video back on temporarily.
    • If you need to change your location, we give our permission to turn video off until you reach your new destination. Motion sensitive attendees thank you!
    • Unless it’s a “brown-bag” virtual meeting, limit your intake to water, tea or coffee; mostly to keep from drying out and coughing.

I, for one, love attending meetings online. Although I’ve gained time by not travelling to meetings, I’m still super-active. This new paradigm is definitely a keeper. Thank you to all who accommodate remote meetings.

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