November`s Thankful Thursdays

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November`s Thankful Thursdays

Written By: Chip Rudolph ~ 11/6/2023

Honoring Our Veterans

As we approach the fourth Thursday of November, a time when families traditionally gather to express gratitude, let's reflect on the profound sacrifices made by our veterans. In a world marked by challenges like fires, floods, hurricanes, a global pandemic, and financial upheaval, the resilience of those who have served our nation stands as a beacon of courage.

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From the earliest days of our country, wars have shaped its narrative. The brave individuals, emerging from these conflicts, often did so bearing the heavy personal toll of sacrifice. Some lost limbs, others mental acuity or memory. Some lost the ability to interact with their loved ones.

We have benefitted from their actions. It is imperative that we maintain gratitude for their sacrifices.

  • Honor them.
  • Thank them.
  • Respect them.

Despite these hardships, their actions paved the way for the freedoms we enjoy today. It's not just our duty but our privilege to honor, thank, and respect them.

While we may not always agree with the reasons behind wars, the debt we owe to those who served remains. Veterans Day on November 11 is a poignant reminder to express our gratitude to those still with us, not just to remember those we've lost. Let's ensure we don't become oblivious to their stories, maintaining a reverent acknowledgment of their service.

The Origin of Thanksgiving:
The fourth Thursday of November is also marked by our federal holiday - Thanksgiving. Contrary to some myths, its roots trace back to the early settlers and a unifying effort by influential figures.

  • BLOGPOST_FourthThursday11082021C.jpgWilliam Bradford, a Mayflower passenger and governor of Plymouth, chronicled the settlers' journey in "Of Plymouth Plantation."

  • Sarah Josepha Hale, a writer and advocate, lobbied several presidents, including Abraham Lincoln.

  • In 1863, Lincoln established Thanksgiving to foster unity after the Civil War.

  • Later, President Franklin D. Roosevelt shifted it to the fourth Thursday in November 1941.

Practicing Gratitude:
BLOGPOST_FourthThursday11082021D.jpgAmid life's challenges, taking a few minutes each Thursday to reflect on our blessings brings balance. Teaching our youth the duality of life—its ups and downs, challenges, and blessings—is a valuable lesson that transcends generations.

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