Remote Relationships - In the Beginning

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Remote Relationships - In the Beginning

Written By: Sandi MacCalla ~ 6/13/2022

Working online brings on equality and focus. These two attributes are critical to engaging your super-powers and serving others.

As a new vehicle of conducting business, users receive immediate feedback on what is successful in ‘live’ relationships. It does require perception, reflection, and skilled listening. Consider these like muscles – they need exercise to develop.

To reverse engineer any upcoming remote meeting (identify your goal first and work backwards):

  • BLOGPOST_RemoteRelationships06132022.jpgAllow yourself to envision the BEST OUTCOME:
    • If helpful, jot down key results you seek. Thanks Pexels – Polina Zimmerman
  • Online meeting platforms allow individuals to speak, query and contribute:
    • Through Chat
    • Raise your hand to speak
    • Start with your objective first
    • Next, fill in key details and answer questions
    • Save the “best for last” – the “WHY” behind your comments.


  • Remote meetings equally engage all to contribute:
    • We’re all the same height online.
    • We’re all on the beach somewhere.
  • Informational sharing (links, resources, etc.) can easily be posted in Chat and shared with all.


  • Only one person can speak (and be heard) at a time.
    • When you’re in the spotlight, respect yourself and others by speaking clearly, focusing your comments on the topic under discussion. Or, in the alternative, suggest and get buy-in to shift the line of discussion to a new direction.
  • Honor others by reducing sight and sound on your side of the screen:
    • Blur your background or green-screen a static image that communicates your “WHO” to others.
      • Background motion draws listeners to involuntarily follow the action:
        !SQUIRREL! (Thank you Pexels-Ralph)BLOGPOST_RemoteRelationships06132022B.jpg
    • Mute your mic when you are not speaking and press the space bar to speak.
      • Background sounds can distort your message for some listeners.

Join in this topic with your “live – you can’t make this stuff up” stories. We gladly share (anonymously, if requested) all anecdotal wisdom to “master your game of life!”

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