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 Written By: Sandi MacCalla ~ 11/21/2022


The benefits are extraordinary, to name a few: more creative problem-solving and clarity, increased appreciation, calmness, expanded perspective, relational intelligence.

Jon Kabat-Zinn, a leading expert in Mindfulness, describes it as:

“Paying attention in a particular way, on-purpose, in the present moment and non-judgmentally.”

Try it out:

  • Feel the sensations in your body, right now.

  • Notice your surroundings. Look around. Move your head and eyes. What are the shapes, colors and objects you see. What are your thoughts about what you see?

  • Notice your breath, right now. How long is the inhale? How long is the exhale?

  • Do you feel a temperature? If so, is it the same on both the inhale and exhale, or is there a difference?

  • How long can you focus on your breathing before you start focusing on something else?

  • Are you aware of a change of focus without judgement? Can you bring your attention back to your breathing?________________________________________

Practice mindfulness day by day, moment by moment. Like any new skill, it becomes easier and more natural. You’ve already had “mindful” presence moments throughout your life, and more is available, with practice.

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