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Remote Working - Relationship Skills

Written By: Sandi MacCalla ~ 6/6/2022

Remote working is staying … YESSS! What relationship skills will be key to assuring interpersonal success?

Starting with the nearest and dearest:

  • One-on-One
    • Detach from all distractions
    • Be fully present
    • Give your attention to the discussion:
      • Listen; ask clarifying questions
      • Make eye contact; warm, friendly smile
        (this replaces a handshake when you’re online)
      • Lean into the discussion
      • Recap expectations/tasks; ask if all has been addressed.
    • Online
      • If you are on the move, excuse yourself from the video until you can reach a stopping point. (Those with motion sensitivity will thank you!)
      • If you are listening, mute your microphone to minimize ambient noise. You can activate your mic by pressing the space bar when you need to respond.
      • To jump in on a discussion, use the Reactions button to signal your raised hand and awaiting input.
  • Team/Cohort
    • BLOGPOST_RemoteWorking06062022.jpgIdeally, one person will host/moderate the discussion. If not, take a group vote to appoint one (😊), or the first to speak is appointed.
    • Key moderator skills:
      • Proactively prepared
      • Clear, respectful time management Photo by Surface on Unsplash
      • Attentive listener; facilitates clarity and participation
      • Keeps the discussion engaged and relevant
      • Recaps decisions, next actions and resources appropriate action takers.

We all bring expertise, passion and talent to work. The best way to maximize our results is to pull our respective super-powers together to energize the victories. As has been shared recently:

“Leaders don't create followers;
they create more leaders.”
Tom Peters

In the coming weeks, we will spell out more specific relationship strategies to build strength into that important third of our lives – WORK! We will include AHAs shared with us that have gained traction in other arenas. Feel free to share and play your part in developing the new Remote Relationship Skills.

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