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Let`s Celebrate America

Written By: Chip Rudolph ~ 10/09/2023

During this month, let’s give thanks for the early explorers who discovered the new world of the Americas. This led to a variety of explorations into the land of both North America and South America. It also led to the birth of the AMERICAN SPIRIT.

Early explorers and settlers came to this land:

  • To discover new trade routes to the Orient. (but they ran into America first).
  • To obtain religious freedom.
  • To discover new foods and treasures from the new land.
  • To achieve separation from European control.

Today, we have much freedom that is often taken for granted.

  • We may explore and settle wherever we like.
  • We may follow our faith as we believe.
  • Laws do not prevent our access to education.

BLOGPOST_CelebrateAmerican10242022A.jpgIt might seem like a minor privilege, but we have an unlimited range of food choices.  In some lands, people eat the same thing every day like meat and potatoes or fish and vegetables. We have ethnic choices galore:

  • Chinese
  • Italian
  • Mexican
  • Greek

BLOGPOST_CelebrateAmerican10242022B.jpgAmericans may pursue any field of work they choose or are qualified to do.  We are not forced into particular industries, nor are we prevented from learning and trying those we choose:

  • Labor intensive - farming, harvesting, working the land
  • Blue collar - trucking, manufacturing, the trades
  • White collar - office working, selling, store clerking, technology
  • Professional - medical field, legal work, teaching

Let’s celebrate this land, our accomplishments, and our creations.  Let us rejoice that the early explorers did not stop themselves from following their searches into new territories and arenas.

BLOGPOST_CelebrateAmerican10242022C.jpgThink of what we would have today if:

  • The Wright Brothers did not pursue their dream of being able to fly.
  • Alexander Graham Bell ceased searching to obtain sound through the airwaves.
  • Thomas Alva Edison gave up on finding sustainable light

As we celebrate Christopher Columbus’ birthday and Indigenous People's Day, let’s remember the many adventurous explorers who contributed to the quality of our lives. These inventors and pioneers provided us with a great life that could not have been otherwise imagined.

FROM THE CORNER HOME OFFICE presents Thankful Thursdays several times during the year. Every fourth Thursday of November, we gather together to give thanks. With all that is going on today, it is important to reflect on our blessings on the fourth Thursday of every month.

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