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More Artful Interrupting
Written By: Sandi MacCalla ~ 12/20/2021

Going forward from the last post discussing when it’s appropriate to interrupt: studies have shown -

  • BLOGPOST_MoreArtfulInterrupting12202021_s.jpgMen talk and interrupt more than women (surprise!) and with a different intent – self-aggrandizing (enhancing power, wealth, position, or reputation).
  • Women interrupters are better supported if they are speaking up for someone other than themselves, focusing more on relationships.
  • Both genders are active interrupters within their gender; based on comfort level, shared conversation styles.
  • Everyone agrees that interrupting is disrespectful of others. When interrupting and talking over others was videotaped, interrupters became more aware and wanted to learn how to change and be more respectful.
  • On the flip side, not sharing conversation time is also disrespectful of others.

Stay tuned - the next post (Artful Interrupting) will share ways interrupting, sharing, listening and related body language can convey respect and gain trust with your audience (no matter what size).

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