How to `Right-Size` to Calm Your Chaos

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How to `Right-Size` to Calm Your Chaos
Written By: Elisa Hawkinson - How 2 Get Organized ~ 1/10/2022


In a recent interview with a new client, I was asked what decluttering could be done instead of hiring a professional organizer. The words on my bookmark spell it out exactly from my perspective; may sound tough but let’s get serious and get the work done. It takes toughness to tackle the piles.


* Ruthless * Generous * Audacious * Intentional *

Think of putting on white painter coveralls and put one of these four words on each arm and leg, then take SERIOUS action!! You need these words to motivate and inspire yourself to be steadfast in your effort to have less chaos in your home and possibly your LIFE.


Without pity, compassion or mercy, tackle and tame the chaos that has accumulated over time. Be unrelenting and unforgiving in letting go of ALL the stuff. You could almost say: Be Vicious, Brutal, or Cold-blooded with the piles of stuff if that suits you better. Be Merciless with the cr*p that has piled up and stresses you out just being in the room.


Allow yourself to be lavish in giving away your stuff. Do so in an unselfish or even a magnanimous way. Be openhanded, and bounteous in letting go.

Being generous shows a readiness to give more away than is expected.

Google defines ‘not being generous’ as petty, stingy, selfish: lacking consideration for others; concerned chiefly with one's own personal profit or pleasure.


Think of you showing a willingness to reduce chaos surprisingly, boldly; taking the bold risk of letting go of items no longer needed or used. Make room for space and calm to enter your life, in your home, your family and business.

Show an impudent lack of respect for so much stuff not being used or needed. Courageously tackle accumulations in a room, on the bed, in the garage, the bathroom, or wherever you find disorder.


Become deliberate and fully conscious of what is kept in your home. Purposefully question what is being kept versus what could be let go of, sold or donated. Hanging onto something that you might one day need leads to stuff accumulating. Then, when you search for it, the item cannot be found, or it is outdated.

To sum it up, right-size (I like to call it ‘editing’) the contents of every drawer, closet, cabinet and every surface area to just the items used regularly along with needed items. Think “Need/Use” all the time. Collect donated items in a bag or box to deliver to a local thrift store with a mission that aligns with your heart. It makes giving even more meaningful. These item(s) provide financial resources to support the thrift store.

Then, arrange Needed and Used items with other ‘like items’: all the cereals together, all the snacks together, all the mugs together, all the dressy clothes together, all the athletic clothes together, all the casual blouses together, and so on. The same goes for keeping the cleaning products together, all the pots and pans, all the small appliances.

Finally, give yourself a moment to take in the peace and calm you’ve created. It’s also a great time to resolve how you’ll keep giving yourself and your family breathing room to let order and calm prevail. We look forward to hearing about your successes!

Elisa Hawkinson, author of Calming Your Chaos 

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