Capture time! Don`t let it get away from you!

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Capture time! Don`t let it get away from you!
Written By: Elisa Hawkinson - How 2 Get Organized ~ 2/7/2022

Huge dividends are paid when we pay attention to our time and don’t let it run out or away.

Do you have goals right now for your life? Today, get set on a path of healthy living by writing your goals in the key areas most of us have for our lives. Without goals, we wander aimlessly through life. Like so many, I want my life to be a life with purpose. See if these goal areas work for you as they have for others:

Relationships __________________________________________

BLOGPOST_CaptureTime02072022.jpgAttention (and intention) to each area sets us on the path for a healthy life. Sad to say the chores and errands must be added to these activities. And to think, we have the same amount of time as everyone else has had since the beginning of time.

When you have goals written down, move to using a daily planner for your waking hours. Allot use of your time based on your goals. The only way goals are reached is by spending dedicated time on them. A FREE single-sheet weekly planner is available upon request - click here and fill out the form.

Check out how one man reached his goal by 40 years of age: