Obsession -> Overthinking -> Critical Thinking: Part 2

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Obsession -> Overthinking -> Critical Thinking: Part 2

Written By: Sandi MacCalla ~ 4/25/22

The question today – “Are you overthinking this?” – can be helpful, or not. Use it selectively with compassion. Who of us has not fumbled around with a decision when we’re unclear? And avoided appearing ‘less-than’ on purpose.


Here’s what I now understand when asked this question:

  • If asked by someone I respect, I consciously decide they have my best interest at heart and open up the discussion.
  • I likely am missing information I need to move forward. I can focus and research on that for clarity.
  • The person asking may have some insight that would be useful.
  • I may not be willing to disclose my decision just yet to the person asking.

Some professionals caution that overthinking can be a sign of depression or anxiety brewing. A good caution to consider. I challenge that by looking at what it would be like if it turned out better than I wanted. To-date, it hasn’t cost more to include that option.

We’re in the driver’s seat with what goes on between our ears. I haven’t met anyone so far who is trying to make a mistake on purpose. Most people are diligent at avoiding mistakes. I, myself, have a dislike of ‘do-overs;’ e.g. “Measure twice, cut once.
Tips for moving through ‘overthinking:

  • Keep the goal in mind versus the methodology. Envision success.
  • Share the goal with your trusted inner circle.
  • Start your day with exercise that appropriately challenges you. This feeds the mind that the body is willing.
  • Gather just what you need to take action. No need to get muscle-bound.
  • Don’t forget that “No” is a complete sentence. The act of decision-making alone is enlivening.

Thank you for journeying with me on this subject. Next blog, we’ll tackle the crown jewel of this topic that is now showing up in employment searches: critical thinking. What is it? Why is it a dealmaker? How do we learn it?

We, at LifeSkills Academy, value your experiences and your earned wisdom. We enjoy all that is shared with our educators and freely pass it on. We believe wisdom-shared raises the bar for everyone.

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