Obsession -> Overthinking -> Critical Thinking: Part 3

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Obsession -> Overthinking -> Critical Thinking: Part 3

Written By: Sandi MacCalla ~ 5/2/2022

“To think is easy. To act is difficult.
To act as one thinks is the most difficult of all.” — Goethe

Goethe is right. “Thinking” and “Acting” seem to live on separate planets. And they are not necessarily neighbors … today, or since the beginning of time. In my research of these three aspects of “thinking,” a lot has been studied.

Boiling it down:

  • Obsession is thinking that disables action. It may be more right- brain based.
  • Overthinking is when action is slowed down by fear and can start to take baby-steps to Critical Thinking.
  • Critical Thinking is an in-depth process to a conclusion/action. It appears to be left-brain based.

BLOGPOST_ObsessionOverthinkingP3_05022022.jpgStudying Critical Thinking in school has taken a back-seat (like others) to technology with its specificity on how things work. In 2017, a team of neuroscientists and engineers from Johannesburg Scientists Connect A Human Brain To The Internet For The First Time | IFLScience., tapped into a human brain to initiate the “Brainternet.” Thus begins another dimension of understanding us “Hoomans.”

To wrap this up with my initial reaction to “overthinking,” I believe the tools and tips in Part 1 work:

  1. Find a map
  2. Journal your journey
  3. Plan an exit strategy
  4. Start with initial steps
  5. Helping others:
    1. Listen
    2. Share resources
    3. With compassion, ask gentle questions.

Please feel free to share your thoughts, discoveries, cautions and wins. It turns out there is only person who has all the keys. The rest of us are still learning.

We treasure your insights, experiences and earned wisdom. We believe wisdom-shared raises the bar for everyone.

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