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Planning & Planting - Words of Wisdom

 Written By: Chip Rudolph ~ 4/10/2023

Spring is manifesting. There is renewal in the air. It is a perfect time to plan & plant the future. Whether seeds in the soil or seeds that plant ideas, it is time to look ahead.

Your mind is a garden. Your thoughts are the seeds.

  • The harvest can be either the flowers or the weeds.
    • Use tools to produce success.
      • In the plant world, enough sun and water are needed for a thriving crop.
      • In the world of projects, creativity and wise execution are needed for positive results.

For a seed to achieve greatness, it must come undone.

  • The shell cracks, the insides emerge, and everything changes.
    • Eggs break to hatch chickens.
    • Like a caterpillar becomes a butterfly, many things need to break open to achieve life, bloom, fruit, etc.
    • Following growth, seeds bloom into flowers, then tiny spheres form harvested fruit.

BLOGPOST_PlantingPlanningWOW04102023A.jpgSomeone is sitting in the shade today because a tree was planted many yesterdays ago.

  • Without planning, a dream is just a dream.
    • Most successes do not automatically occur.
      • Someone had an idea, planned the process, then executed something that materialized.
    • Planning creates achievement.

Plans of the diligent lead to abundance. Those who act hastily come to poverty.

  • BLOGPOST_PlantingPlanningWOW04102023B.jpgWe make a dent in the universe. We matter in a very real way.
    • An idea begins with a thought.
      • Research is needed to move that thought into action.
      • Planning the steps to get to the goal requires much forethought and vision.
    • Those who move full speed ahead may not achieve success.

For everything, there is a season. A time for everything under the sun.

  • We all plant seeds daily in others and in the world.
    • Our thoughts that we think, our words that we speak, and our actions we take - all have influence.

In ancient times, life skills were taught by elders. The proverbs and adages were taught diligently to younger members of the community. We continue these lessons in our world to this day.

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