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Photos - Words of Wisdom

Written By: Chip Rudolph ~ 10/16/2023

BLOGPOST_WoWPhotos10162023A.jpgThe holiday season is quickly approaching. People prepare in many ways. One very popular practice has been family photographs. Some include a family photo in holiday greeting cards. Others prepare albums as gifts for family members. Whatever the method, family pictures are frequently taken over the last three months of the year to document the season.

  • BLOGPOST_WoWPhotos10162023B.jpgA good picture prevents a moment in time from running away.
    Every second a picture captures forever protects that incident. We might not always recall what took place, so the picture ensures the moment is not forgotten.

  • The Earth is art. The photographer is only a witness.
    Pictures provide testimony to what the earth offers. The photographer bears witness to what is in view. Photography only represents the present. Once the picture is taken, it becomes part of the past.

  • Photography is truth.
    The purpose of photos is to record reality. A moment captured is impossible to reproduce.

  • Color pictures capture the clothes of the subject. Black and white pictures capture the soul.
    Art is not in the eye of the beholder. Art is in the soul of the artist. Colors influence the glitter surrounding the subject. The absence of color reaches the depths of emotion.

  • BLOGPOST_WoWPhotos10162023C.jpgFamily pictures are emotionally charged markers.
    Some have felt that by taking enough pictures they would never lose the loved ones who were photographed. Instead, pictures show how much had been lost. Some rejoice in the memories and pictures captured. For others, there is sadness seeing the bygone memories.

Today, nearly everything exists to end in a picture. The obsession with digital photos has become vastly widespread among us. In some cases, this has assisted in crime fighting. In other cases, it has erased or eliminated any hope for privacy. For now, it is everywhere.

Ancient proverbs, adages, and oral history have been passed on for many generations. Words of Wisdom come to you monthly FROM THE CORNER HOME OFFICE to continue and preserve for our emerging generations.

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