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CELEBRATION - Words of Wisdom

Written By: Chip Rudolph ~ 12/25/2023

As we near the end of the year, there is wonderment in the air. Holidays are filled with joy, love, great meals, and family focus. We aren’t quite ready to look ahead and make resolutions. This is now just

  • BLOGPOST_WoWCelebration12252023A.jpgNot all Ceremonies need to be a Grand Festival.
    There are quiet times. There are private times. Some ceremonies are just peaceful. Some occasions are just to be shared with a spouse, child, or other loved one. Being a simple event does not make it less celebratory.

  • Eat, Drink and Be Merry
    The one thing in life that is for sure is that we all shall die. However, we do not know when that will be. Enjoy yourself today since you cannot predict the future.

  • You are not a burden to be endured.
    You are an asset to be desired and celebrated!
    Consider yourself to be worthwhile. You are a reason for joy, not a weight on someone’s back. Realize that you bring value to the world. Rejoice in that knowledge.

  • BLOGPOST_WoWCelebration12252023B.jpgThere is always something to celebrate.
    So much in life has earned a celebration. A new job, a poem, a new love, and a hopeful dream are all reasons for celebration. Pass on to your children that they too always have cause for celebration.

  • Celebrate your journey in life.
    As you grow, develop, learn, and discover, celebrate the path you travel. Embrace each stage of life for what it has to offer, to teach, to enlighten. Your journey might take you to other lands and other people. Learning about new cultures, new foods, and new customs are all celebrations to be enjoyed.

Life is a celebration. Consider all that makes you happy as a gift from the Lord and say, “Thank You.”

BLOGPOST_WoWCelebration12252023C.jpgCELEBRATION is an active state of expressing appreciation. Do not lose the ability to celebrate by living in a passive state expecting to be entertained.

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