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Mothers - Words of Wisdom

Written By: Chip Rudolph ~ 5/8/2023

To some, a mother is an angel, a guardian of our hearts, a shining light in the darkness. Not all mothers are wonderful. However, the idea of mothers remains a positive force. Much of our wisdom comes from those thoughts and lessons regarding motherhood.

The Lord could not be everywhere; therefore, He made mothers.

  • Mothers are responsible for teaching, guiding, defending, and protecting.
    • They watch over their young to be sure they follow the right path on their journey in life.

A mother’s Love is Peace.

  • It need not be acquired. It need not be deserved.
    • Children will love a mother whether she is good or not.
      • She is who brought them into life.
      • She is who is always there.
    • The calm felt when held by a mother is just complete security to her child.

A child’s first teacher is Mom.

  • Each day, new light is shed on life.
    • A child learns facial expressions, voice tones, songs, letters, numbers, and more.
    • A mother spends hours enlightening a child about the world’s wonders.
    • Lessons abound in the kitchen, in the bathroom, in the bedroom, in the world.
    • Every new exposure is a surprise in life.

A man’s work is from sun to sun. A mother’s work is never done.

  • The job is also to teach the children all of the work and more for when they are on their own.
    • Cooking meals, doing the laundry, cleaning the house, shopping for clothes, and driving to school/activities are but a few of the myriads of chores a mother must do.
    • The work never ends.

BLOGPOST_Mothers05082023.jpgMother is the bank where we deposit our hurts and worries.

  • Whatever the problem, injury, or outrage, much can be healed when brought to a mother.
    • She has the hugs, kisses, wisdom, and medicine to make it all better.

Mothers are important…

  • to our well-being, our development, our learning, and our character.
    • Each lesson learned shapes our future.
    • Mothers give us the tools to navigate the journey of life.

Although many of our elders are no longer here to teach us, the adages, proverbs, and oral history live on to guide our life’s path.

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