Spring - A Time to Reset

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Spring - A Time to Reset

Written By:
 Sandi MacCalla, Founder - LifeSkills Academy ~ 5/15/2023

After your annual ‘spring cleaning’ ritual, give yourself a boost. Strike a positive personal image! Here are some ways to reset:

  1. Your Strengths
    1. Inventory your talents, interests, and successes.
    2. Reflect on past accomplishments.
    3. Identify skills and qualities that were successful.

  2. Personal Goals
    1. Align your goals with your strengths and interests.
    2. Achieving a goal builds confidence and personal esteem.

  3. BLOGPOST_SpringResetA05152023.jpgYour Appearance
    1. Refresh your wardrobe by clearing out low-use items.
    2. Note what makes you feel good and presents a positive image.
    3. Should a springtime spa treatment be on your list and in your budget?
    4. Cultivate good hygiene habits. Good hygiene is important to feeling energized and presenting yourself positively.

  4. Good Body Language
    1. Stand up straight.
    2. Make eye contact.
    3. Use open, confident movement.
    4. This projects a positive image.

  5. Speak Positively
    1. Avoid negative self-talk and conversation.
    2. Use positive language when talking about yourself and others

  6. Gravitate toward Positive Influences
    1. Engage with people who are positive and supportive.
    2. Limit/avoid those who are negative or critical.

  7. BLOGPOST_SpringResetB05152023.jpgBe Kind and Respectful
    1. Honor yourself and others with kindness and respect.
    2. Be understanding and non-judgmental.
    3. Build positive relationships and a good reputation.

  8. Listen
    1. Be open to feedback and constructive comments.
    2. This helps you identify areas for improvement and growth.

A seasonal “refresh” empowers the rest of your year to meet the milestones ahead and finish strong.

“Spring is a chance to hit the reset on your life.” — Unknown

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