GRACE - Must be present to win

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GRACE - Must be present to win

Written By: Sandi MacCalla ~ 10/31/2022

BLOGPOST_Grace10312022A.jpgRe-socializing work is being pondered, posted on social media, and central to corporate office discussions, et al. Is this another argument for working remotely?

Even the National Rifle Association (NRA) is talking about the need for soft skills. As cautioned, the American Psychology Association (APA) now says our post-Covid life is revealing a mental health crisis - click here to view the article. Violence is featured daily in headlines – not buried under economic, political or world news. Not only does this turn my stomach, but I think it is numbing me bit-by-bit every day.

Revisiting collaboration and cooperative work practices is timely. How many are you using?

  • Respect time
    • Yours and others – at meetings, for projects, for commitments you make.
    • If you are not keeping up with your commitments, practice the “Art of NO, Thank you.
    • When your calendar slides around, take a moment to reprioritize what’s important and place all others on hold.
  • Respect workspaces – yours and others:
    • Keep shared spaces clean (kitchens, copiers, mailroom, meeting rooms, bathrooms).
    • Keep your workspace organized. Stacks of books/papers/projects/files/personal items/food items/pictures reduce trust in your management style.
    • Treat others’ workspaces like offices with a door – knock first, gently get their attention, conduct your business cordially and efficiently. Recall interruptions require a 20-25-minute recovery to get back to the work momentum before you arrived.
    • Moderate sounds to minimize distractions/interruptions (music, phone calls, singing or talking to yourself, tapping or drumming sounds, etc.).
  • Respect yourself – and others
    • If you have not been tested by life recently, check your pulse.
    • Take the pressure off:
      • Breathe … deeply, calmly.
      • Slow down your speaking speed.
      • BLOGPOST_Grace10312022B.jpgThink more deliberately; allow yourself to ‘ponder.
      • Laugh at your mistakes … and learn.
      • Smile. Choose being relaxed and happy.

The State of Angst is not where we need to live. It’s where we can put up “DETOUR” signs and choose the Open Road with less traffic. Offering Unmerited Favor to residents of that state will gain you access to the High Road where travel is safe, cordial and filled with Grace in abundance. See you there! Vision from Inside - by Sandi MacCalla

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