Finessing Virtual Meetings: A Trust-Building Journey

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Finessing Virtual Meetings: A Trust-Building Journey

Written By: Sandi MacCalla, Founder - LifeSkills Academy ~ 4/01/2024

In increasingly remote work environments, building relationships is no longer only face-to-face interactions. Our ability to connect transcends physical boundaries as we adapt to virtual environs. Just as we intuitively read body language and tone during in-person encounters, remote teams will hone their listening and observation skills. Here are ways to build trust in a virtual landscape.

  1. Early Arrival and Warm Greetings
    • Meeting Hosts: Open the meeting link 10-15 minutes early to minimize technical challenges and welcome early arrivals.

    • Attendees: Arrive 5-10 minutes early and engage with others who share your punctuality.

  2. Levels of Conversation and Trust
    BLOGPOST_VirtualMeetingA04012024.jpgAs exchanges begin, deepen trust through different levels of interaction:

    • Small Talk: Start with neutral topics to break the ice.

    • Fact Exchange: Share commonality facts to build connections.

    • Opinions: Exchange experiences and beliefs.

    • Feelings: As trust grows, vulnerability can forge deeper friendships.

  3. Curiosity and Connection

    • Learn Something New: At each meeting, discover something unique about another attendee.

    • Individual Focus: Gone are the days of collecting business cards or handshakes en masse. It’s perfectly acceptable to focus on one person at a time – quality vs. quantity.

  4. Observations and Light Comments

    • Listen Actively: Pay attention to the interests and activities of others to spark connectivity.

    • Share Sparingly: When discussing shared interests, leave room for curiosity. Don’t overshadow their experiences with your own.

    • Warm Comments: A simple compliment like, “I think my wife would love those earrings you’re wearing!” can foster connections.

  5. Amplify Insights and Post-Meeting Reflections

    • Compliment in Chat: Acknowledge insightful comments of others in the group chat.

    • Internal Dialogue: Reflect on your internal thoughts during meetings; they may spark a new dialogue.

    • Follow-up: After a meeting, stay attuned to social media or news related to earlier conversations. If appropriate, share relevant articles via a quick email note.

Remember, remote relationships thrive on genuine connections. By engaging in these practices, we can cultivate authentic bonds even in the virtual realm.


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