'Adulting' is Not About Age

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'Adulting' is Not About Age

Written By: Sandi MacCalla, Founder - LifeSkills Academy ~ 3/06/2023

BLOGPOST_AdultingNotAboutAge03062023.jpgIf it was, then we’d start learning life skills in Kindergarten. The grocery stores, though, are onto something with kid-sized shopping carts.

Gen-T (Traditionalists) called it “growing up.” Gen-B (Boomers) called it The School of Hard Knocks. Gen-M (Millennials) turned the status ”adult” (noun) into “adulting” (verb). It has now been announced: The Age Of Adulting Is Over | British Vogue.

Researchers are watching a new life stage they call “emerging adulthood,” where prolonged adolescence has pushed typical adult markers a full decade: from early 20’s to nearly 30 years old. And, of course, finger-pointing continues between the home front and school rooms.

No matter which side of this discussion you’re on, there are undeniable life-cycle milestones we all participate in.

  • Health
    • Cooking
    • Nutrition
    • Personal Care
  • Value Exchange
    • Education
    • Work/Skills
    • Livable Wage
    • Wealth
  • Community
    • Social/Emotional Intelligence
    • Communications
    • Families/Tribes
    • Cultures

It’s about being a savvy citizen of this planet, surviving well, helping others to thrive and contributing intelligence (lessons learned).

Today, our complex planet has resources-galore to grow up, or “adult,” and even a growing realization: (from my favorite visionary– Mama Marlaine)

“Why do people around the world readily support children spending decades learning math, sports and music from third party credentialed instructors, but accept children’s education in Life Skills as being limited to parents’ behavior? What price do we pay for this impoverished narrative for human development?”

If you’d like more of this thought, I highly recommend: Kissing the Mirror: Raising Humanity in the Twenty-First Century.: Marlaine, Mama: 9781452551050: Amazon.com: Books. It’s perfect for weekend pondering and “adulting.”

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