The Grass looks greener on the other side of the fence

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The Grass looks greener on the other side of the fence
Written By: Chip Rudolph, Owner - Problemsolvers ~ 4/4/2022

Here are this month’s WORDS OF WISDOM:

  • The home across the street might look pristine and fancy, but there is chaos and ugliness behind the closed doors.
  • Another family might look harmonious. However, in reality, there is abuse, emptiness and pain.
  • Looks, talent, and wealth often do not provide love and security. What appears to be more appealing might often hide a terrible situation not nearly as satisfying as what you have right now.


  • Upon examination of our lives and experiences, we often find that life is much better than our surface view.
  • Appreciate what you have. Do not long for what you do not have. Many encourage us that we are enough, and that happiness is hidden in what we already have.
  • Accept opportunities with grace. Do not scorn what is offered.
  • Head for the finish line. Continue to the end. Complete the project.

FROM THE CORNER HOME OFFICE shares examples of WORDS OF WISDOM that have been observed since biblical times. Youth seek wisdom from respected elders.

Learning daily life skills works hand-in-hand with problem-solving. What we’d call “ANCIENT WORDS OF WISDOM” can ease our navigation on unfamiliar paths.

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