Who started Valentine's Day and Why

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Who started Valentine's Day and Why

Written By: Sandi MacCalla, Founder - LifeSkills Academy ~ 2/6/2023

BLOGPOST_WhyValentines02062023A.jpgValentine's Day began in ancient Rome, where a mid-February festival called Lupercalia celebrated fertility and the coming of spring. During this festival, men would draw the women’s names from a jar and the pair would be together for the duration of the festival, often resulting in marriage.

The day was named after a martyr, Saint Valentine, who was executed on February 14th. It is believed the holiday was created to honor this priest who performed marriages in secret for Christian couples during the Roman Empire, when marriages were banned.

BLOGPOST_WhyValentines02062023B.jpgToday, after many other significant events on this holiday (see Valentine’s Trivia Challenge blogpost next week), it remains a popular time to acknowledge all who have touched our hearts with love. For fresh ideas on this Valentine’s Day: The 5 Manners of Valentine's Day Everyone Should Know (etiquetteschoolofamerica.com). Maralee McKee’s article is inspirational for everyone, everywhere to enjoy Valentine’s Day. Which idea will you do?

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